(From Travel Terms and Conditions)

  1. Travel Contract Cancellation Initiated by Traveler

(1) Before commencement of the travel
① A Traveler may cancel a Travel Contract at any time by paying a cancellation charge stipulated in the following table. The “Date of Cancellation of Travel Contract” in the table shall be based on the time when the Traveler notifies the Company, etc. about the cancellation during the relevant business hours on the respective business days of the Company, etc.

Table) Cancellation Charge

Date of Cancellation of Travel Contract Cancellation charge
If calculated from the date preceeding the date of commencement of the travel Travel with accommodation
1. Cancellation on or before the 21st day None
2. Cancellation on or after the 20th day (excluding 3-7 below) 20% of Travel Fee
3. Cancellation on or after the 7th day (excluding 4-7 below) 30% of Travel Fee
4. Cancelltaion on the day preceeding the commencement of the travel 40% of Travel Fee
5. Cancellation on the date of commencement of the travel 50 % of Travel Fee
6. Not participating in the travel without notification 100% of Travel Fee
7. Cancellation after commencement of the travel 100% of Travel Fee

②In any of the following cases, the Traveler may cancel the Travel Contract without paying any cancellation charge.

  1. The Contract Contents have been changed pursuant to Article 7; provided however, that the change is listed in the left column of the table in Article 14 or otherwise deemed significant.
  2. An act of God, a war, a riot, the suspension of travel services including transportation and accommodation facilities, etc., government and administrative order, or other similar cause takes place, making the safe and smooth implementation of the travel impossible, or presenting a strong possibility for making the travel impossible.
  3. The Company, etc. fails to provide you with the Final Document (Final Travel Schedule) by the end of the period specified in Article 4.
  4. The implementation of the travel as stipulated in the itinerary described in the Contract Document is made impossible due to causes attributable to the Company.

③ When the Travel Contract is cancelled as stipulated in ①, (1) of this article, the Company, etc. shall refund the Travel Fee (or application fee) the Traveler has already paid by deducting any prescribed cancellation charge. If the application fee cannot cover the cancellation charge, the Traveler is required to pay any insufficient amounts. If any unpaid balance accrues from any change in the number of persons using a single room, the Traveler is required to pay the balance.

④When the Travel Contract is cancelled as stipulated in ②, (1) of this article, the Company, etc. shall refund the Travel Fee (or application fee) already paid by the Traveler.

(2) After commencement of the travel
①If the Traveler cancels the Travel Contract or temporarily leaves the tour due to the Traveler’s reasons after commencement of the travel, the Traveler shall be deemed to have waived the rights here under. In that case, no refund shall be made.

②If the Traveler is unable to receive services specified in the Final Travel Schedule due to causes not attributable to the Traveler, the Traveler may cancel the portions of the Travel Services that have become unavailable, without paying any cancellation charge. In this case, the Company shall refund an amount calculated by deducting any cancellation charge, penalty charge, or other expenses already paid or to be paid (only those not attributable to the Company) for the Travel Services from the amounts relating to the portion of the travel fee for the services the Traveler has become unable to receive.