A special 5D4N to experience Japanese culture

DEPARTURE DATE: December 19, 2016

Applications open: September 16 to October 15 2016 (Applications have been extended to the 15th)

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Download abridged Chinese language brochure here.
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Application: Please note that it is not possible to apply for the Seven Stars portion of the tour by itself. All applications are to be made via the official application form (日本語の受付フォームはこちら)
Tour guide: There will be a tour guide on day 1 only. They will not be with passengers on days 2-5, but Seven Stars in Kyushu crew will look after the passengers on and off the train.
Passengers: a maximum of 28 passengers.
Minimum number: a minimum of 16 passengers.
Fare: please note that the transportation expenses to and from the departure/arrival site from the traveler’s residence are not included in the fare. Please contact us if you need for us to make arrangements to book such transportation.
*Passengers will board the Seven Stars in Kyushu on days 2-5.

From day 2 passengers will begin their 4D3N journey on the Seven Stars. This tailor made tour includes experiences in traditional Japanese culture both on and off the train, including a tour of the local market led by sushi chefs, a kimono dress up experience, a ninja lesson, and a workshop on board in Kumiko latticework by a master artisan.

of the tour

// Visit Dazaifu on day 1, and those who are interested can have an experience in being dressed in a traditional Kimono (there is attire for both genders).

// We have a ninja experience planned for day 3, and on this passengers will be trained by a expert in the secret ways of the ninja.

// On day 5 there is an optional experience in hands on Kumiko latticework craft. This latticework is located throughout the train, and the teacher is one of the craftsmen who actually worked on the pieces on the train, and all passengers will be able to take their creations home.

Kimono dress up experience

When one think of traditional Japanese attire, the kimono comes to mind. In this experience passengers can choose a kimono of their liking, and can experience being dressed in it. Once dressed, passengers will walk to the Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine, the head shrine of the estimated 12,000 Tenmangu shrines in Japan. This shrine is dedicated to the Shinto god of scholarship.

Ninja experience

A ninja is one who uses swordsmanship, secret techniques and ninjutsu. The term “ninja” is famous worldwide, and many of those who live outside of Japan have an image of ninjas being a typical image of something very Japanese. In this experience passengers will visit the historic town of Obi, where to this day has remains of Japanese castles. Here, they will have a hands on authentic ninja experience.

Hands on Kumiko latticework experience

Kumiko latticework is a traditional Japanese carpentry technique where pieces of wood are joined without using nails. The latticework is made by joining small thin pieces of wood together, and there are hundreds of intricate patterns possible. These beautiful creations mean that depending on the light and the angle of viewing, the shadows and pattern change. Kumiko latticework is used extensively throughout Seven Stars, and in this experience we will invite one of the artisans who was involved with the Seven Stars Kumiko creations. He will talk about his experience in making the works on the train, and instruct the passengers in the workshop.

Behind the scenes of Hakata's kitchen - Yanagibashi Rengo Market

This is a tour to the bustliing Yanagibashi Rengo Market, in Hakata, the gateway to Kyushu. Known by locals as Hakata’s kitchen, this market is where many locals and chefs procure their fresh produce. This special tour will be led by sushi chefs from “Yamanaka Sushi”, who serve the sushi on board the Seven Stars in Kyushu as the first lunch. Here, you can learn from the pros as to how they select their fish, and negotiate the price. There will be the opportunity for passengers to choose their own fish too, and enjoy the market experience. These fresh fish will be prepared and served to passengers as sushi the next day on board the Seven Stars in Kyushu.

Course details & Schedule

An accommodation plan is available for passengers who request an overnight stay before the journey. This includes a tour of the Yanagibashi Rengo Market with sushi chefs.
* The below itinerary is based on the operation schedule as of September 1, 2016, and therefore the departure and arrival times are subject to change.

December 19 (Monday)

  • Meals :
  • Dinner /
  • Optional morning market tour

    Yanagibashi Rengo Market09:00-11:00
  • Meet at hotel lobby

    around 14:00
    Visit Dazaifu Shrine and kimono experience


  • Pre-Seven Stars welcome reception

    from around 19:00
  • Stay the night at hotel in central Fukuoka

    WITH THE STYLE Fukuoka

    博多01_0132 web

December 20 (Tuesday)

  • Meals :
  • Breakfast /
  • Lunch /
  • Dinner /
  • Depart Hotel

    Hakata Station09:30
  • Depart Hakata Stationaround 11:20
  • Arrive at Yufuin Stationaround 14:00
    Sightseeing and Japanese culture experience
  • Stay the night on the train


December 21 (Wednesday)

  • Meals :
  • Breakfast /
  • Lunch /
  • Dinner /
  • Arrive at Mimitsu Sta.around 07:00
  • Optional guided walk in Mimitsu town

    Day 2 optional event

  • Arrive at Miyazaki Sta.around 09:40
    Optional excursions

    // Ninja experience or

    // Visit Aoshima Shrine or

    // Tea time on board train

  • Stay the night at a ryokan

    Myoken onsen area


December 22 (Thursday)

  • Meals :
  • Breakfast /
  • Lunch /
  • Dinner /
  • Visit Tenku no Mori

    around 10:30

    Tenku no Mori

  • Lunch at Tenku no Mori

    around noon
  • Depart Hayato Sta.around 14:00
  • Arrive at Minamata Sta.round 18:30
  • Travel along the Orange Hisatsu Railway Line

    Day 3 optional plan

  • Stay the night on the train


December 23 (Friday)

  • Meals :
  • Breakfast /
  • Lunch /
  • Depart Minamata Sta.around 07:20
  • arrive at Yatsushiro Sta.around 08:50
    Kumiko latticework workshop on board

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  • Sightseeing in Yanagawa

  • Farewell event

  • Hakata Sta.arrive around 17:30