A journey to discover the history of the Satsuma domain and beautiful nature

TOUR B – DEPARTURE DATE: December 20, 2017


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Application: This is a package including a premium tour of Kyushu, which has been selected by Seven Stars in Kyushu staff. Please note that it is not possible to apply for the Seven Stars portion of the tour by itself. All applications are to be made via the official application form.
Tour guide: There will be a tour guide on days 1-3 only. They will not be with passengers on days 4-5, but Seven Stars in Kyushu crew will look after the passengers on and off the train.
Passengers: a maximum of 30 passengers per tour. This consists of 2 passengers in each of the Suite rooms, and 3 in each of the Deluxe Suites.
Minimum number: a minimum of 16 passengers.
Fare: please note that the transportation expenses to and from the departure/arrival site from the traveler’s residence are not included in the fare. Please contact us if you need for us to make arrangements to book such transportation.
*Passengers will board the Seven Stars in Kyushu on days 4-5.

From day 4 passengers will begin their journey on the Seven Stars. During the journey, passengers will alight at the famous pottery town of Arita (Saga Prefecture), and the rustic town of Yufuin (Oita Prefecture).

of the course

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  • On day 1 at the Sengan-en gardens, guests can enjoy a hands-on experience, and later on dinner will be served inside a special room in the gardens.
  • On day 2, after guests have visited Kirishima Shrine, there is a special event and stroll to be enjoyed by all.
  • Guests will join the 2 days 1 night tour on the Seven Stars from day 4. At Arita, guests will visit a famous porcelain kiln (workshop), and appreciate the traditional craftsmanship up close.

Sengan-en islands

The Shimazu clan, which was founded by Tadahisa, the illegitimate son of Minamoto no Yoritomo, was the only family of shugo-daimyo (feudal lords with military, police and economic powers) to have continuously held power from the Kamakura Period (1185–1333) through to the Bakumatsu Period (1853–1868), the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate. For 700 years, they ruled over the land of Kagoshima. In 1658, Mitsuhisa, the 19th chief of the clan, built Sengan-en as a second residence. This feudal garden provides excellent examples of the influence of Chinese culture, such as the magnificent shakkei, or “borrowed scenery” garden, in which Sakurajima Island is incorporated into the garden design as a “miniature hill,” and Kinko Bay takes on the aspect of a pond, and the winding stream of the Kyokusui garden, the scene of an elegant poetry game originating in ancient China.

Kirishima Shrine

After you pass through the shrine approach and grounds, enveloped in the quiet calm and deep green of ancient cedar trees, you will be presented with the stately, magnificent sight of the elegant vermilion shrine pavilions. Kirishima Shrine, which venerates Ninigi no Mikoto, one of the main figures in the legends of Japan’s creation, boasts an ancient history that began in the 6th century.

Course details & Schedule

An accommodation plan is available for passengers who request accommodation before or after the journey.
* The above itinerary is based on the operation schedule as of February 1st, 2017, and therefore the departure and arrival times are subject to change.

December 20 (Wednesday)

  • Meals :
  • Lunch /
  • Dinner /
  • Meet at Kagoshima Airport or Kagoshima Chuo Station

    Around 10:30am or 12:00pm
  • Lunch

  • Sightseeing at Sengan-en gardens

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    冬仙巌園 011 sml

  • Stay at Hotel (Central Kagoshima)

    Shiroyama Kanko Hotel

December 21 (Thursday)

  • Meals :
  • Breakfast /
  • Lunch /
  • Dinner /
  • Depart hotel via bus

    Depart around 09:00Depart around 09:30
    Enjoy views of Sakurajima island on the way

    JR_九州 (86 _ 134)sml

  • Lunch

  • Visit Kirishima Shrine


  • Event and walk at Tenku no Mori

    Tenku no Mori

  • Stay the night at a ryokan

    IMG_0114 small

December 22 (Friday)

  • Meals :
  • Breakfast /
  • Lunch /
  • Dinner /
  • Depart ryokan by bus

    At around 10:00
    Optional plans
  • Depart Yoshimatsu Sta.

    At around 11:50 by train
  • Hitoyoshi Sta.

    Fukuoka Airportdepart at around 13:20
  • Kumamoto Sta.

    Depart at around 15:20 by Kyushu Shinkansen
  • Hakata Station

    Arrive at around 16:00
  • Stay the night at a hotel

    Hotel Okura FukuokaArrive at around 16:30

    Hotel Okura Fukuoka

December 23 (Saturday)

  • Meals :
  • Breakfast /
  • Lunch /
  • Dinner /
  • Hakata Sta.Depart around 10:00
  • Arita Sta.

    Arrive around 13:00
    Optional event

    Visit famous Arita-ware kiln (workshop) and participate in a guided walk of Arita.

    Optional event

    Stay on train – enjoy tea time  (Arita Station to Sasebo Station)

  • Sasebo Sta.

    Depart around 16:30
  • Nagasaki Sta.

    Arrive around 20:20
    Optional tour for those who are interested

    Nagasaki Night View TourPhoto_5330f0d6-d644-4082-9652-1230d2fc807c_image (1)

  • Stay the night on the Seven Stars


December 24 (Sunday)

  • Meals :
  • Breakfast /
  • Lunch /
  • Tosu Sta.Depart at around 07:10am
  • Bungomori Sta.

    Arrive at 09:15
    Optional tour for those who want to participate

    旧豊後森機関庫-6Tour of Bungomori Roundhouse

  • Yufuin Sta.

    arrive at around 10:40am
    Optional plan for those who want to participate

    Guided walk in Yufuin由布岳春2

  • Depart YufuinDepart 14:40
    Farewell event in car 1
  • Arrive at Hakata Sta.

    Arrive at around 17:30