Enjoy a luxurious journey on the Seven Stars to discover the beauty of Kyushu

If every journey is special, how can one describe a journey on this train? Scenery flows by through the train windows, from verdant green mountains to sparkling sea views. Water is abundant throughout the region, and the residents here live in gratitude of their natural blessings. 

Seven Stars does not just push on through this scenery. From time to time, passengers will alight to connect with and experience their surroundings. By absorbing the scenery and engaging in one-of-a-kind encounters unique to these itineraries, the Cruise Train marks a new concept of experiential travel.

There is a bar in the lounge car, as well as couches and rotating chairs for passengers to sit in while enjoying live musical performances. The rear of the lounge car also features a large bay window for enjoying the scenery as it flows by. The spacious rooms include the Deluxe Suites, where one carriage is split into two rooms, and the suite rooms, which are one carriage split into three rooms. This train provides a totally new travel experience.


Seven Stars in Kyushu train

Kinsei Lounge is where the journey begins. Kinsei means “Venus”, and this lounge has been made especially for the use of Seven Stars passengers. This is where passengers check in, and relax before being escorted to the platform in time to watch Seven Stars arrive. Kinsei is only used by Seven Stars passengers. Here, passengers enjoy music from our pianist, and are served beverages and specially prepared sweets.

Specific dress code

Meet at Kinsei Lounge (day 1): smart casual
Gentlemen: jackets, collared shirts, dress slacks, blazers etc. / Ladies: one-piece dresses, collared shirts, jackets, casual suit etc.
Dinner on board : semi-formal
Gentlemen : tuxedos (dinner jacket), basic suits, blazers and jackets etc. / Ladies: one-piece dresses, basic suits, dressy pant suits, jackets, blouses, skirts etc.
Other scenes: *Please refrain from wearing attire such as sportswear and pre-ripped jeans.
*Except when wearing kimono, please refrain from wearing sandals.
*T-shirts, shorts, and sneakers are only appropriate for during the excursions. 

Lounge Car
«Blue moon»

Spend time here in comfort enjoying the views, and the bar “Blue moon”

During the day, the lounge car is a rest area. The modern Japanese atmosphere here makes it an ideal place to interact with other passengers, creating a veritable meeting place on wheels. For those who want to relax alone, comfortable sofas offer spectacular panoramic views. In the evening, one can relax with a drink and enjoy live musical performances and other entertainment.

Dining Car «Jupiter»

Kyushu cuisine made with seasonal delicacies

Radiant sunshine, towering mountains, and glittering oceans. Kyushu is blessed by nature and is truly a treasure trove of gourmet food. The dining car “Jupiter” will offer passengers cuisine made from seasonal ingredients throughout the year. There will also be occasions when passengers alight from the train for their meals.

Enjoying the local air and flavors will make this cruise train journey even more unforgettable.

Guest rooms Highest quality relaxation spaces under the sun and stars

The fourteen guest rooms on the “Seven Stars in Kyushu” are all suite rooms. These special rooms hold just 14 couples, keeping the number of passengers at an intimate size. The theme of the train is fusion of Japanese and Western design, as well as a mix of  “old” and “new”. The numerous fabrics and the wood used abundantly throughout rooms are all superb pieces that have been carefully selected. The attention to detail on the “Seven Stars” is an unmissable feature throughout the train.